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Hand lacerations, abrasions, and chemical exposure are some of the most common injuries in many work environments. To help combat these issues, Honeywell offers the most comprehensive selection of quality work gloves on the market today, so jobs can be done safely and effectively. Honeywell provides industrial gloves that go beyond protection to include elements that enhance grip, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity, helping workers get the job done and, most importantly, stay safe.

What is the best hand protection for the job? It is critical to first evaluate the work site to assess potential hazards, whether it be from chemicals, cuts, abrasions, or temperatures. This is an important step as there isn’t one solution to all hazards, and you need to be able to assign the correct safety gloves and sleeves for each job. Honeywell includes EN388 cut and abrasion protection test results on many of our gloves so workers understand they are wearing the correct hand protection for the job. If needed, Honeywell professionals can help by performing on-site Hand Protection Assessments with recommended safety gloves for the many different types of job hazards. With a comprehensive line of hand and arm protection products, the goal of Honeywell is to keep working hands safe.


As one of the industry's leading glove manufacturers, our goal is to match workers with the safest, most comfortable personal protection equipment on the market. Did you know that wearing the wrong glove in instances of accidental flash flame can increase skin damage? The NorthFlex FRGrip Plus 5™ glove helps to protect workers’ hands from severe burns caused during accidental flash flame or hydrocarbon flash fire. Traditional fiber gloves can actually accelerate the flame and melt to the skin increasing long term damaging effects, prolonging recovery and or permanently damaging workers’ hands. FRGrip Plus 5 safety gloves are recommended for use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, maintenance, and manufacturing. Remember to always consult your safety manager to ensure the correct glove is being worn for the job at hand.


Impact-Resistant Gloves

Honeywell serves the oil and gas industry with a full range of hand protection products, including the new RigDog impact work gloves. Molded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) patches are ergonomically placed to optimize protection to the metacarpal and finger areas. RigDog’s Hi-Viz Spandex fabric was made to stretch easily to reduce hand fatigue, and its bright yellow color and silver, reflective piping are easily identifiable in low-light environments. There’s also a hook and loop tab closure that allows workers to adjust the glove’s cuff for a more comfortable and secure fit. Two styles are available, all weather and cold weather which features a thermal liner.

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